5 Lessons You Could Probably Learn from Military College Students

An article by Alyssa Johnson.

Getting into college is very challenging, but getting into the military is a lot harder, and not everyone dares to be in the military. However, some college students still aim to get into the military because it offers them a lot of advantages over the traditional boarding school. People with the highest love for the country will also choose to be part of the league.

Military college students are also trained to be a better person ready to serve the country. When you happen to encounter someone from the military college, you can quickly identify them as such because of the dedication they give to the country, and they convey distinct traits. Hence, there are a lot of things you can learn if you are with military college students.

1. Respect is Earned

One of the lessons to learn from military students is respect. They are taught to address the adults accordingly, including the persons in authority, high ranking officials and even their peers. The show respect to other people with the hope that they will also receive the same honor from others. The students have now understood why they need to place their hand to their hearts as respect to the national flag when parents ask them during their younger years.

Respect is important. And learning this from military college students is something you can appreciate. You will notice how military member earned back the respect they gave. By knowing how much respect bounces back to them is an excellent way for you to recognize that it is an important character people must possess.

2. Discipline

Discipline is what instilled to the lives of military collegestudents. From the basic training to their course classes, they are expected to apply control. This includes proper organization of schedules, being diligent, and punctuality. Once you decided to build your career, you have to learn appropriate discipline.

You can learn the military discipline by watching them. You can see how these students handle themselves at work and school. You can’t see them forced to follow the rules, but they willingly follow them. They even accept correction and criticisms. And they easily apply the code of ethics wherever they are. Even in classes, they know how to behave. They pay attention to details, they do their assign task and recognizes a reliable essay writing service for their papers.

3. Leadership Skills and Good Moral Character

Another trait you can learn from a military student is the importance of integrity. As military students, they are encouraged to observe good moral character and develop leadership skills. The students in this field have continually improved their skills as they go through the training. Other students can see and learn from them the fundamental rules of leadership.

Since they value respect, they can also work in a team. They believed that a great leader is a good follower. You will observe them paying respect to the people in authority, and see them treat their fellow student as brothers. Having this kind of attitude make them worthy to be called for service to the country.

4. Service and Gratitude

You can’t encounter ungrateful military students as this is one of the traits they have to possess. They always acknowledge good service. Regular college students may have difficulties in their college lives, while the students under the military are usually deployed to different places, making them far from their family. They don’t have the will to visit their family. When looking at this area of their lives, you will start to feel the privilege and be thankful that you have the time to be with your family any time you want.

The military students also convey the acts of service to their countrymen, and this can be a valuable lesson to other students and people who come to encounter them. They show the importance of serving others and the effect it may give to you as a person, countryman and as a member of the community. You will appreciate their selflessness. The way they consider the welfare of others over their needs is another fulfilling attribute that provides meaningful purpose in one’s lives. And learning this from military members is such a privilege.

5. Functionality Under Stress

The college life will give you a memorable experience and introduces you to a lot of new things, but it is also packed with stressful moments. Considering deadlines, exams, performance pressure and for some the stress of student loans. With all these lined up, you probably feel your brain will explode anytime. Students that are members of the military can always remain composed despite the stress. They are trained to be calm in any situation. This is one of the things we want to master and learn from military people.

This students’ attitude toward stressful situation can be a good example. By merely looking at how military members deal with the situation is somehow inspiring. You always wanted to ask them how they do it so you can also apply it for yourself.

Military students are one of the people we want to learn the essential traits from. They have developed excellent characteristics that are admirable. What they have learned from their training can be shared with other ordinary citizens and fellow students of other fields. These attributes will show when they are with other people outside the military camp.

About the Author:

Alyssa Johnson has gained knowledge about military activities and exposed to its members when she became the Research Assistant of the Department of Veterans Affairs. Her studies focused on Military Sexual Trauma and Prolonged Grief Disorder. She has served the agency for over two years.


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