How You Can Promote A Healthy Lifestyle To Your Environment

When you choose to live a healthy lifestyle it may mean you having to change a few things in your life. And, while this includes altering your diet and getting actively involved in an exercise regime, there is much more to it. You might not be aware, but this also touches on:

  • Your surroundings;
  • Where you live;
  • The friends you keep; and
  • Access to basic amenities.

As you can see, your immediate environment can either enhance you or diminish you. Therefore, view it as a duty to join others in improving it so that you can all enjoy general health and wellness.

But, how? Here are a few startup tips.

Participate In Food Farming

Nothing beats the nutritional value of garden-grown vegetables and fruits. So if you have some space to space, you can always indulge in backyard farming. The beauty of this lies in the fact that you can use compost manure, thus no air or soil pollution.

Once your produce starts blossoming it will be easy to mobilise your neighbours to participate. Also, if your neighbourhood will not allow you to farm, then you can always find a central place where you can all share your skills. For instance a community farmers’ market form members for buying fresh produce in bulk for your neighbourhood.

Have A Tree Planting Day

Trees are not only beautiful to look at but also very important when dealing with issues concerning air pollution and curbing carbon dioxide. Additionally, the presence of trees promotes healthy living not only to humans but also animals (both wildlife and domestic).

For instance, they can be used to build houses, form shades for relaxing as well as attract rainfall. Therefore, to plant them in your yard is a sure way of giving back to your environment. You can even organise yourselves as neighbours, consult your relevant local authority and try to get some tree seedlings for free. Remember to include the kids in this – The future is in their hands.

Participate In The Development Of Outdoor Spaces

Nature and fresh air have a particular way of oozing various benefits for both the body and mind. You can easily spend time bonding with your family in the park during weekends or simply relax your mind after a long day at work. This way, you get encouraged to remain active, a habit that will go a long way into preventing lifestyle diseases such as hypertension, diabetes and also relieving stress.

Furthermore, the development of outer space includes making the place more accessible by walking and leaving space for biking activities. You can achieve this by teaming up with various community leaders in your area to preserve green spaces.

Create A Healthy Office

Many people work in an office-based environment Therefore, it is only fair if you try to make the place conducive for everyone. You can start by encouraging the formation of various support groups for employees. This way it will be easy for individuals to share their problems and get solutions. In the article 7 Signs of Substance Abuse in the Workplace, we learn how frequent tardiness and unexplained absences are potential signs that an employee or co-worker is suffering from an addiction. Therefore, these groups make it easier to notice any behaviour change on colleagues and reach out on time.

Test Your Tap Water

Water makes a very important part of our everyday life. Therefore, any slight contamination in this area is hazardous to the community. So if your neighbourhood’s main water source is a public one, then it is advisable to ask for a reassurance quality report. You can also come together and conduct an independent report.

While choosing to lead a healthy lifestyle is an independent decision, it will not be entirely possible without the involvement of your immediate surroundings. Therefore, why not decide to walk the journey with your neighbours.

You can start by forming community groups, or join an existing one, that would take care of issues such as tree planting, food growing and park building. Do not forget to take the same motivation to your office through the formation of relevant employee support groups.


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