What is Military Urbanism?

Introduction Military urbanism is the militarisation of urban areas. Overview This can include changes to built environments in military conflict areas or modifications of cityscapes to strengthen or subvert control by authorities. Military urbanism concerns the planning and implementation processes by which areas are fortified and militarised. Refer to Militia, Gendarmerie, and Paramilitary. This page… Read More


A Brief Overview of 16 Air Assault Brigade’s Urban Training Facility

Introduction 16 Air Assault Brigade has a remit of being able to engage the enemy, or conduct rescue missions, anywhere in the world at a moment’s notice. This requires sharp close quarter battle (CQB) fighting skills which must be learned and then practised on a regular basis. With this in mind, the brigade has installed… Read More

What are the Factors Affecting Performance on an Army Urban Operation Casualty Evacuation for Male & Female Soldiers?

Research Paper Title Factors Affecting Performance on an Army Urban Operation Casualty Evacuation for Male and Female Soldiers. Background This study was conducted to determine what physical and physiological characteristics contribute to the performance of an urban operation casualty evacuation (UO) and its predictive test, FORCE combat (FC) and describe the metabolic demand of the… Read More

How You Can Promote A Healthy Lifestyle To Your Environment

When you choose to live a healthy lifestyle it may mean you having to change a few things in your life. And, while this includes altering your diet and getting actively involved in an exercise regime, there is much more to it. You might not be aware, but this also touches on: Your surroundings; Where… Read More

Physical Activity & a Healthy Diet: Daily Life or Lifestyle Choice?

Both children and adults become fatter because they consume more energy than they expend (Han, Lawlor & Kimm, 2010). Genetics also plays a role but genetic factors cannot be responsible for the recent epidemic in overweight and obesity (Lindgren et al., 2009). It is clear that the main emphasis must be on downstream (individual level)… Read More