What is the Expeditionary Medical Support System (US)?


The Expeditionary Medical Support System (EMEDS) is a modular field hospital system developed by the US military for mobile deployment of medical treatment facilities in any location.

EMEDS consists of a variety of modular, medical response packages and equipment that can be used in multiple geographical operations and situations such as wartime contingencies, humanitarian assistance, and disaster relief. The EMEDS team is equipped and staffed to provide forward stabilisation, primary care, dental services, and force health protection.

A new EMEDS tent structure being tested at Langley Air Force Base in 2014.

In late September 2014, the US military sent 4,000 troops to Africa to establish treatment centres to support the medical campaign to defeat the Ebola virus epidemic in West Africa in an operation called Operation United Assistance. The troops are tasked with building EMEDS modular hospitals. Plans included building a 25-bed hospital for health care workers and 17 treatment centres with 100 beds each.

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