Where to Shop for Army Patches Online

Introduction While military medals and ribbons can tell a story, the rigidity of how and when they can be displayed can sometimes make that story feel formulaic and impersonal. Fortunately, these commendations are not the only way to show off your history in the armed services. Patches do not come with the same formality that… Read More


How to Choose the Right Body Armour

Body armour is an important piece of kit that can save lives. While it was historically used to protect military personnel, there are now a variety of different people that require protection against handgun or rifle fire, including security guards, law enforcement agencies, and even the general public. Whatever your reason for wanting to invest… Read More

8 Important Gears You Need to Consider When You are on a Military Training

Deciding to go to Military Training will be one of the most significant choices you will be making for yourself. Not only will you have the opportunity to be part of the armed forces, but also the knowledge and the experience you will gain will stay with you for the remainder of your life. This… Read More

The Siege of Stalingrad: How Clothing Caused The German War Machine’s First Major Defeat

At the height of World War II, the Nazi-led German military seemed near-unstoppable. The army advanced where it wished, and took land, where it wished, and by July of 1942, the battle for Stalingrad began. The city of Stalingrad was a major prize to be had, and Hitler had his sights fixed on the city;… Read More

4 Reasons Why You Should Buy Veteran Embroidered Clothing

The United States Armed Forces has proudly served with distinction for the past 244 years. In these past centuries, too many have lost both life and limb in service to their country, paying the ultimate price for the freedom of the American people. Veteran embroidered clothing is a way for people to show their support… Read More

Guide in Finding the Perfect Shooting Gloves You Need

One of the greatest aspects of shooting is not the shooting itself, but the ritual connected to it. Taking your gun to the range, suiting up for a day of shooting and then taking that day to become more in tune with how your gun shoots is essential for anyone who wants to consider themselves… Read More

Can Civilians get into Trouble for Wearing Military Uniform?

The simple answer is, generally, no. While there is no general offence of impersonating a member of the Armed Forces, and many actors do so in theatre and films. It is similarly not wrong for a civilian to wear uniform or former military clothing for their own preference or entertainment, as long as they are… Read More