5 Fascinating Facts About Military Morale Patches

Military personnel, police officers, have grown fond of morale patches, with the age-old tradition remaining strong a century after it became a thing. Military morale patches are typically small strips of fabrics with letters, quotes, logos, or insignia sewn into the uniform. They are traditionally used to identify membership of a unit and are supposed… Read More


New Formation Flash for Defence Equipment and Support Personnel

ARMY personnel serving with Defence Equipment and Support (DE&S) are now wearing a new formation flash that acknowledges the organisation’s mission to equip the UK’s Armed Forces. The body was the only one in defence to not have an identifying marker, and the arrow is linked to the crow’s foot stamp used by its predecessors,… Read More

Where to Shop for Army Patches Online

Introduction While military medals and ribbons can tell a story, the rigidity of how and when they can be displayed can sometimes make that story feel formulaic and impersonal. Fortunately, these commendations are not the only way to show off your history in the armed services. Patches do not come with the same formality that… Read More