Space Cameras: The Technology Allowing Us to See What We Need to From Space

Space cameras allow us to see from space – both further out into the universe and what is happening on Earth. Yet there is still more to develop here. Read More


Discussing Treatment of Military-Related PTSD

Research Paper Title Treatment of military-related post-traumatic stress disorder: challenges, innovations, and the way forward. Abstract Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is one of the common mental disorders in military and veteran populations. Considerable research and clinical opinion has been focused on understanding the relationship between PTSD and military service and the implications for prevention, treatment,… Read More

What is ISTAR?

ISTAR is a practice that links several battlefield functions together to assist a combat force in employing its sensors and managing the information they gather. ISTAR includes: Intelligence; Surveillance; Target Acquisition; and Reconnaissance.

Encountering the Enemy: Defeat versus Surprise

“To be defeated is pardonable; to be surprised – never!” Napoleon Bonaparte (Maxims of War, 1831) (Kiley, 2005) Reference Kiley, K. (2005) Thumbing through the Napoleonic Wars: The Words of Napoleon and Others Who May Have Influenced His Methods. Available from World Wide Web: [Accessed: 07 August, 2016].