Defeated versus Surprised

“To be defeated is pardonable; to be surprised – never!” Napoleon Bonaparte (Maxims of War, 1831) Advertisements


A Commander’s Battlefield Knowledge: Leading from the Front or In the Rear with the Gear?

“It is of the utmost importance to the commander to have a good knowledge of the battlefield and of his own and his enemy’s positions on the ground. It is often not a question of which of the opposing commanders is the higher qualified mentally, or which has the greater experience, but which of them… Read More

Battlefields: Speed & Surprise

“Rather than relying on defensive fortifications, he made brilliant use of speed and surprise on the battlefield, as well as perfecting siege warfare to such a degree that he ended the era of walled cities.” (Weatherford, 2004, p.xvii) Weatherford, J. (2004) Genghis Khan and the Making of the Modern World. New York, NY: Broadway Books.

ADF: Usability of a Battle Management System Under Simulated Vehicular Motion

Research Paper Title Usability of a Battle Management System Under Simulated Vehicular Motion. Executive Summary Previous research has found that motion has an adverse effect on people’s cognitive and psychomotor abilities. This has implications for military personnel operating computer based equipment in military vehicles. This report covers an experiment into the usability of a Battle… Read More