Battlefields: Speed & Surprise

“Rather than relying on defensive fortifications, he made brilliant use of speed and surprise on the battlefield, as well as perfecting siege warfare to such a degree that he ended the era of walled cities.” (Weatherford, 2004, p.xvii) Weatherford, J. (2004) Genghis Khan and the Making of the Modern World. New York, NY: Broadway Books.… Read More


Instinct or Training?

“In the heat of battle you don’t remember very much, you don’t think very fast. You act by instinct, which is really training. So you’ve got to be trained for battle so you react exactly the way you did in training.“ Arleigh Albert ‘31-knot’ Burke (1901-1996) US Navy Admiral who took part in WW2 and… Read More

Resilience Training in the Australian Defence Force

An article by Lieutenant Colonel Dr Andrew Cohn MAPS, National Coordinator, Prevention and Resilience Team, Colonel Dr Stephanie Hodson MAPS, Director and Monique Crane, Senior Researcher, Prevention and Resilience Team, Directorate of Mental Health in Defence. Fundamental to being employed within the Australian Defence Force (ADF) is the requirement to be able to respond effectively to… Read More