Pearl Harbour & X-Ray Machines…



Encountering the Enemy: Defeat versus Surprise

“To be defeated is pardonable; to be surprised – never!” Napoleon Bonaparte (Maxims of War, 1831) (Kiley, 2005) Reference Kiley, K. (2005) Thumbing through the Napoleonic Wars: The Words of Napoleon and Others Who May Have Influenced His Methods. Available from World Wide Web: [Accessed: 07 August, 2016].

Surprise & Conquer…

“Whoever can surprise well must conquer.” John Paul Jones (1747 to 1792) in a letter to the American commissioners to France, 10 February 1778. Papers of Benjamin Franklin, American Philosophical Society, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. This appears as “Who can surprise well must conquer” in John Paul Jones, Fighter for Freedom and Glory by Lincoln Lorenz, p.… Read More

Battlefields: Speed & Surprise

“Rather than relying on defensive fortifications, he made brilliant use of speed and surprise on the battlefield, as well as perfecting siege warfare to such a degree that he ended the era of walled cities.” (Weatherford, 2004, p.xvii) Weatherford, J. (2004) Genghis Khan and the Making of the Modern World. New York, NY: Broadway Books.