An Overview of the US Army Sniper School

Introduction The US Army Sniper Course trains selected military members assigned to sniper positions in the skills necessary to deliver long-range precision fire and the collection of battlefield information. Students will receive training in fieldcraft skills, advanced camouflage techniques, concealed movement, target detection, range estimation, terrain utilisation, intelligence preparation of the battlefield (IPB), relevant reporting… Read More


Accuracy International Launches Two New Sniper Rifles

Accuracy International Ltd (AI), a manufacturer of sniper rifles with headquarters in Portsmouth (Hampshire, UK), has launched tow new models – the AX MKIII and AX 50 ELR. The AX MKIII is the latest combat proven sniper rifle from AI and has been designed to meet current operational needs. Tested to current NATO requirements for… Read More

A Shot to the Heartprint!

Before pulling the trigger, a sniper planning to assassinate an enemy operative must be sure the right person is in the cross-hairs. To help with this Western forces commonly use software that compares a suspect’s facial features or gait with those recorded in libraries of biometric data compiled by police and intelligence agencies. However, this… Read More

What is the Prognosis for Sniper Shot Ocular Injuries (SSOI)?

Research Paper Title Terroristic sniper shot ocular injuries: military and police casualties: case series. Background Sniper shot ocular injuries (SSOI) are rare and result in poor ocular outcomes due to high energy transfer both to the eye and the adjacent brain. To the researchers knowledge, no reports of such injuries in terms of outcomes have… Read More

Pass Rates for Selected US Military Courses

The United States Military has a number of schools that provide advanced or specialist training courses to their trained soldiers (i.e. soldiers who have completed basic training). Below is a selection of these courses, their pass rates and average number per course. Army Rangers: 1 in 3 (358 per course) Air Force Pararescue: 1 in… Read More

Women & Combat Roles

According to David Isby, the Russians realised how valuable women snipers could be during World War II. “The Russians employed over 1,000 women snipers along the Eastern Front. So, when will we allow women in combat arms units? Since 2003 I have lost 55 of my friends, all men.” Source: Devaney, D.K. (2012) Women in… Read More