The Five (US) Special Operations Forces Truths

The Five (US) Special Operations Forces Truths: Humans are more important than hardware. Quality is better than quantity. Special Operations Forces cannot be mass produced. Competent Special Operations Forces cannot be created after emergencies occur. Most special operations require non-SOF assistance (forgotten since 1989(ish), but resurrected in 2009). Adapted from the SOF Imperatives noted in… Read More


Battlefield-like Stress & Immune Response: Any Link?

Research Paper Title Transcriptome Characterization of Immune Suppression from Battlefield-like Stress. Background & Methods Transcriptome alterations of leukocytes from soldiers who underwent 8 weeks of Army Ranger training (RASP, Ranger Assessment and Selection Program) were analysed to evaluate impacts of battlefield-like stress on the immune response. About 1400 transcripts were differentially expressed between pre- and… Read More

Pass Rates for Selected US Military Courses

The United States Military has a number of schools that provide advanced or specialist training courses to their trained soldiers (i.e. soldiers who have completed basic training). Below is a selection of these courses, their pass rates and average number per course. Army Rangers: 1 in 3 (358 per course) Air Force Pararescue: 1 in… Read More