What is the British Army’s REME Artificer Selection & Training Process?

What are the Types of Artificer?

Within the British Army’s Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers (REME), there are currently five types of artificer:

  • Artificer Aircraft.
  • Artificer Avionics.
  • Artificer Electronics.
  • Artificer Vehicles.
  • Artificer Weapons.

How Are Potential Artificers Identified?

Potential artificers are initially identified through the Potential Artificer Assessment Board (PAAB). Although the PAAB does not select personnel for artificer training, it does put them on an artificer career path.

Soldiers require at least two annual reports recommending them for artificer training following the PAAB.

All soldiers attending their Class 1 technical upgrading course attend the PAAB.

How are Candidates Selected for Artificer Training?

Selection for REME artificer training is conducted via the Artificer Selection Course Loading Board (ASCLB). The ASCLB is undertaken by the Army Personnel Centre (APC) and selects both Corporals and Sergeants to undertake artificer training.

  • If Corporals are selected for the course they are promoted to Sergeant on the first day of the course.
  • Sergeants are typically in the rank for one to three years before commencing the artificer course (although the average is 2.9 years).
  • The average length of service on commencing artificer training is 11 years.

How Many Candidates are Selected for Artificer Training?

Table 1 provides a comparison of numbers qualified to be boarded for artificer training and the numbers actually selected at the 2017 ASCLB.

Table 1: ASCLB Statistics


What is the Length of Artificer Training?

The length of training includes technical training, two mandatory military training packages in preparation for on the job employment and annual leave.

  • Artificer Aircraft: 53 weeks.
  • Artificer Avionics: 76 weeks.
  • Artificer Electronics: 70 weeks.
  • Artificer Vehicles: 75 weeks.
  • Artificer Weapons: 74 weeks.

What Happens on Course Completion?

All personnel attending the artificer course are promoted to Staff Sergeant on successful completion.


Below is the accreditation to higher level qualifications for each of the Artificer courses:

  • Electronics: BSc in Electronic Systems Engineering (via Portsmouth University).
  • Vehicles: Pearson Level 5 in Automotive Engineering.
  • Aircraft: Foundation Degree in Aviation Engineering (via Portsmouth University).
  • Avionics: BSc in Electronic Systems Engineering (via Portsmouth University).
  • Weapons: Pearson Level 5 in Automotive Engineering.


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