British Army Physical Employment Standards (PES)

The following four tables outline the Role Fitness Test (RFT) for: Table 1: Ground Close Combat (GCC) roles, Phase 1 Basic Training (BT) Entrance Test and Output Test. Table 2: GCC roles, Phase 2 Employment Training, or Initial Trade Training (ITT). Table 3: Non-GCC roles, BT Entrance Test and Output Test. Table 4: Non-GCC Output… Read More


What is Collective Training?

Collective Training (CT) is the name given to the British Army’s standard of training. It comprises various levels including: CT1 – Platoon; CT2 – Company; CT3 – Battlegroup; and CT4 – Battlegroup in a Brigade context. Prior to collective training, soldiers will have undertaken individual training.

What is the Annual Combat Marksmanship Test?

In the British Army, the Annual Combat Marksmanship Test (ACMT) is the culmination of training on a weapon system that tests the accuracy of a firer. A pass is essential to be considered qualified to fire the weapon on exercise or operations. The ACMT is part of the annual training tests that all soldiers must… Read More