Troublemakers & Hot Shots…

“Platoon Leader: “As a green second lieutenant, I got the impression somewhere that the rough, tough individuals (usually the troublemakers in the company) would necessarily be hot shots in combat … A lot of eight balls were tolerated for that reason … and the truth of the matter is … your best soldiers in garrison… Read More


Combat: A Sensation of Life…

“It is a sensation of life. A human being is never so alive as he is in combat. He may feel terror, or he may not, but the prospect of losing his life makes it surge and flare within him. At no other time do his nerves fire with such spark. Never again will he… Read More

What is the Head of Capability Ground Manoeuvre?

The Head of Capability Ground Manoeuvre (HoC GM), formerly known as the Head of Capability Combat, is responsible for developing and delivering the British Army’s mounted and dismounted close combat capability development and capability.