Predicting the Energy Costs of Dismounted Movements over Snow

Research Paper Title Terrain coefficients for predicting energy costs of walking over snow. Background Predicting the energy costs of human travel over snow can be of significant value to the military and other agencies planning work efforts when snow is present. The ability to quantify, and predict, those costs can help planners determine if snow… Read More


Reaching a Consensus on Testing & Evaluation of Military Exoskeletons for the Dismounted Combatant

Research Paper Title Consensus paper on testing and evaluation of military exoskeletons for the dismounted combatant. Abstract Enhancing the capabilities of the dismounted combatant has been an enduring goal of international military research communities. Emerging developments in exoskeleton technology offers the potential to augment the dismounted combatant’s capabilities. However, the ability to determine the value… Read More

An Outline of Dartmoor Training Area

Dartmoor has been used for military training since the early 1800s. The Dartmoor Training Area comprises of: Three live/dry training ranges on the north moor – Okehampton, Merrivale and Willsworthy; and 6 dry-only training areas on the south moor -Cramber Tor, Ringmoor and Sheeps Tor. Much of the land upon which the MOD trains is… Read More

Combat: A Sensation of Life…

“It is a sensation of life. A human being is never so alive as he is in combat. He may feel terror, or he may not, but the prospect of losing his life makes it surge and flare within him. At no other time do his nerves fire with such spark. Never again will he… Read More

British Army Unveils New Physical Employment Standards (PES)

In September 2018, the British Army demonstrated its new In-Service Physical Employment Standards (PES) for all ground close combat roles which will come into effect for the “Infantry and Royal Armoured Corps” from April 2019 (Soldier, 2018, p.7). Tests tailored to other soldier roles will be introduced in 2021. “It is envisaged the incoming system will… Read More

What is the Head of Capability Ground Manoeuvre?

The Head of Capability Ground Manoeuvre (HoC GM), formerly known as the Head of Capability Combat, is responsible for developing and delivering the British Army’s mounted and dismounted close combat capability development and capability.

What is the Soldier, Training & Special Programmes (STSP) Team?

The Soldier, Training and Special Programmes (STSP) Team, part of the Land Equipment Operating Centre, consists of a Programme Management Office (PgMO) and three programme areas: Dismounted Close Combat (DCC); Training & Simulation Systems Programme (TSSP); and Special Projects Search & Countermeasures (SPSCM). The PgMO is made up of a number of different functions. In a customer-facing… Read More