What is Combat Effectiveness?

Introduction Combat effectiveness is the capacity or performance of a military force to succeed in undertaking an operation, mission or objective. Determining optimal combat effectiveness is crucial in the armed forces, whether they are deployed on land, air or sea. Combat effectiveness is an aspect of military effectiveness and can be attributed to the strength… Read More


Combat: A Sensation of Life…

“It is a sensation of life. A human being is never so alive as he is in combat. He may feel terror, or he may not, but the prospect of losing his life makes it surge and flare within him. At no other time do his nerves fire with such spark. Never again will he… Read More

LSD and the US Army

Research Paper Title LSD experiments by the United States Army. Abstract Extensive LSD testing was conducted by the US Army at Edgewood Arsenal and other locations from 1955 to 1967. A number of different reports have been produced describing the health effects of this testing, including the Veterans Health Initiative Report in 2003. By and… Read More

Combat Survivability Tasks Associated with Naval Vessel Damage

Research Paper Title The identification of combat survivability tasks associated with naval vessel damage in maritime environments. Abstract Effective Navy personnel have the physical ability to perform combat survivability tasks commensurate with their unique physical requirements due to the distinctive characteristics of naval platforms. The aim of this investigation was to identify the physically demanding… Read More

Linking Sleep & Deployment in US Naval Personnel

Research Paper Title Self-Reported Sleep During U.S. Navy Operations and the Impact of Deployment-Related Factors. Background Sleep disruption is a growing concern among military personnel. Very little is known, however, regarding sleep and associated factors in military members serving in combat environments. Methods The researchers sought to quantify the prevalence of sleep disruption among military… Read More

Hey, Can You Smell That…

Research Paper Title Olfaction as a soldier: a review of the physiology and its present and future use in the military. Abstract Olfaction is one of our 5 main qualitative sensory abilities. In this review, the researchers have examined the physiology of olfaction from the olfactory receptor to the brain. Through analysing the physiology of… Read More