A Warrior’s Mind…

“A sharp mind is the warrior’s edge.” Unknown You can learn more by reading ‘Sharpening the Warrior’s Edge’ which is the first text which examines survival and combat performance from a scientific perspective. Author Bruce K. Siddle methodically brings together one hundred years of research which identifies the relationship between survival stress, the heart rate… Read More


Combat Motivation & Morale: Differences, Myths & Realities

Research Paper Title ‘Seeking the Bubble Reputation’ Continuities in Combat Motivation in Western Warfare during the Twentieth Century with Particular Emphasis on the Falklands War of 1982 Abstract The subject of combat motivation continues to challenge historians, sociologists, psychiatrists and the military establishment. Despite a considerable body of research, the subject remains multifaceted and complex. Combat motivation… Read More

Combat Effectiveness: Leadership & Troop Quality

Research Paper Title Soldier Capability – Army Combat Effectiveness (SCACE): Volume III, Historical Combat Data and Analysis. Abstract This study included: A survey of historical literature related to troop quality and capability; A survey of psychological literature dealing with the relationship of individual aptitude to group performance, with special attention to the group performance of low-aptitude individuals; A… Read More