Four Things to Do Before You Start Boot Camp Fitness Classes

Boot camp fitness classes are a great option for people who want to lose weight, build muscle, or just get stronger and more athletic. However, boot camp fitness classes are also quite intense, and they are not ideal for everyone. Before you go to your first boot camp fitness class, it is important to do… Read More


When Sweating Makes You Smile: Sweat at Boot Camp to Make Life Smile at You

Whether people realise it or not, we humans are hardwired to pursue goals that challenge us and keep us sharp and engaged with the fulfilling life we want to have. Laziness, sedentary habits, and the blind pursuit of a life that holds comfort as its single goal are recent aspects of the modern life that… Read More

Combat Effectiveness: Leadership & Troop Quality

Research Paper Title Soldier Capability – Army Combat Effectiveness (SCACE): Volume III, Historical Combat Data and Analysis. Abstract This study included: A survey of historical literature related to troop quality and capability; A survey of psychological literature dealing with the relationship of individual aptitude to group performance, with special attention to the group performance of low-aptitude individuals; A… Read More

Terms: Ability Group Levels

Civilian Boot Camp Perspective The placing of individual’s into groups according to fitness/ability in order to bring those of similar fitness levels together to provide cohesion, support and motivation whilst exercising at a level that is more likely to be appropriate to their needs. As such individual’s can expect to find themselves in one of… Read More