Terms: Ability Group Levels

Exercise, Loaded March (3)Civilian Boot Camp Perspective

The placing of individual’s into groups according to fitness/ability in order to bring those of similar fitness levels together to provide cohesion, support and motivation whilst exercising at a level that is more likely to be appropriate to their needs.

As such individual’s can expect to find themselves in one of three groups: beginner, intermediate or advanced.

Military Perspective

In contrast, all British Army recruits and trained soldiers are expected to operate at a universal minimum standard fitness capacity. Those who do not attain the minimum standard are refererred for remedial training and/or occupational health.

A universal minimum standard is imposed in order to ensure that soldiers have the physical capacity to deal with the rigours encountered when conducting military operations, often over prolonged periods.

Stratification by Gender and Ability

The British armed forces stratifies military fitness testing by gender only in contrast to fitness boot camps and military providers who stratify clients by their gender and ability level.


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