An Outline of Dartmoor Training Area

Dartmoor has been used for military training since the early 1800s.

The Dartmoor Training Area comprises of:

  • Three live/dry training ranges on the north moor – Okehampton, Merrivale and Willsworthy; and
  • 6 dry-only training areas on the south moor -Cramber Tor, Ringmoor and Sheeps Tor.

Much of the land upon which the MOD trains is privately owned and training is undertaken under license from landowners including the Duchy of Cornwall.


It is the fourth largest training area in the UK and can support light role training up to Brigade level. It is particularly suitable for patrolling, arduous training, and cadres.

Dartmoor Training Area is located in Devon on 13,000 hectares (50 square miles) of the Dartmoor National Park in Devon, England.

Training facilities include:

  • Fixed ranges, including:
    • Mechanised Moving Target Trainer Range (MMTTR);
    • Electric Target Range (ETR); and
    • Gallery range.
  • Dismounted and mounted/vehicle live firing up to 81 mm.
  • Flexible accommodation for up to 800 personnel, in two separate camps.
  • Dry training up to Brigade level.
  • Dismounted Close Combat Trainer.
  • Field firing up to Company level.

The site is predominantly open moorland with some pasture fields. Users can also access a further 20,000 hectares of adjoining moor for non-tactical training. for example tabbing or navigation.

Adventurous training (AT) including mountain biking, climbing, walking, and canoeing can be done on the area whilst the site provides an excellent based for conducting AT or other challenge pursuits across Devon or Cornwall.

The area can be booked via the Bidding and Allocation Management System (BAMS) or emailing

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