What is the Artillery Systems (ArtySys) Team?

The Artillery Systems (Arty Sys) Team, part of the Land Equipment Operating Centre, is responsible for Through Life Delivery and support of 15 projects, both in-service and procurement, from sensor to shooter. The team is grouped into: Surveillance & Target Acquisition Systems: responsible for the Acoustic Sound ranging Programme (ASP), Lightweight Counter Mortar Radar (LCMR), Mobile Artillery Monitoring Battlefield Radar (MAMBA)… Read More


What is the Operational Infrastructure (IO) Team?

The Operational Infrastructure (OI) Team, part of the Land Equipment Operating Centre, consists of four ODAs: Infrastructure (domestic, technical and HQ accommodation systems, force protection engineering and expedient surfaces); Utilities (deployable power, fuel and water purification systems); Workshops (containerised technical systems, hand tools, test and measurement services, garaging/workshop systems and ancillaries); and Bridging (a range of solutions to… Read More

What is the Soldier, Training & Special Programmes (STSP) Team?

The Soldier, Training and Special Programmes (STSP) Team, part of the Land Equipment Operating Centre, consists of a Programme Management Office (PgMO) and three programme areas: Dismounted Close Combat (DCC); Training & Simulation Systems Programme (TSSP); and Special Projects Search & Countermeasures (SPSCM). The PgMO is made up of a number of different functions. In a customer-facing… Read More

What is the Vehicle Support (VS) Team?

The Vehicle Support (VS) Team, part of the Land Equipment Operating Centre, is responsible for the in-service support of all fighting and logistical vehicles used by the Front Line Commands. The British Armed Forces rely on the VS Team to support their demanding and often dangerous roles, whether they are training, at readiness or deployed on operations.… Read More

What is the Vehicle Demonstration & Manufacture (VDM) Team?

The Vehicle Demonstration and Manufacture (VDM) Team, part of the the Land Equipment and Operating Centre, consists of three primary Output Delivery Areas (ODAs): AJAX; Warrior Capability Sustainment Programme (WCSP); and CTAI 40mm Cannon. AJAX is a medium weight, multi-role AFV with substantially better firepower, mobility and protection than any of its peer vehicles worldwide. Its introduction will see a… Read More

What is Land Concept & Assessment (LCA) Team?

The Land Concept and Assessment (LCA) Team, part of the Land Equipment Operating Centre (LEOC), is focused both on launching new vehicle and major equipment projects in a coherent manner to meet the customer’s requirement and on delivering a number of existing service provision contracts in an efficient manner. Concept and Assessment Output Delivery Areas (ODAs) include: Mechanised… Read More

What is the Land Equipment Operating Centre?

The Land Equipment Operating Centre (LEOC) consists of six subordinate teams supported by a headquarters. The teams are: Land Concept and Assessment (LCA); Vehicle Demonstration and Manufacture (VDM); Vehicle Support (VS); Soldier, Training and Special Programmes (STSP); Operational Infrastructure (OI); and Artillery Systems (Arty Sys). LEOC’s mission is to provide through-life equipment solutions to equip and… Read More