What is Land Concept & Assessment (LCA) Team?

The Land Concept and Assessment (LCA) Team, part of the Land Equipment Operating Centre (LEOC), is focused both on launching new vehicle and major equipment projects in a coherent manner to meet the customer’s requirement and on delivering a number of existing service provision contracts in an efficient manner.

Concept and Assessment Output Delivery Areas (ODAs) include:

  1. Mechanised Infantry Vehicle (MIV);
  2. Multi-Role Vehicle Protected (MRV-P);
  3. Challenger 2 Life Extension Programme (CR2 LEP);
  4. Future All-Terrain Vehicle (FATV);
  5. Project MITER; and
  6. A number of infrastructure projects.

In-service ODAs include the C Vehicle Private Finance Initiative (PFI), Defence Manual Handling Equipment (DMHE), Protected Plant and PHOENIX II Global White Fleet Service (GWFS). Additionally, LCA is responsible for Land Open Systems Architecture delivery.


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