What is the Vehicle Support (VS) Team?

The Vehicle Support (VS) Team, part of the Land Equipment Operating Centre, is responsible for the in-service support of all fighting and logistical vehicles used by the Front Line Commands.

The British Armed Forces rely on the VS Team to support their demanding and often dangerous roles, whether they are training, at readiness or deployed on operations.

The responsibility is managed through several delivery areas, covering:

  1. Operational Support (light and heavy cargo vehicles and transporters);
  2. Protected Mobility (heavy and medium variants, tactical mobility platforms and route proving systems); and
  3. Armoured Tracked vehicles.

VS also manages the Service Provision Contract with Babcock Defence Support Group.

The focus is to deliver more efficient and effective support solutions to Performance, Time and Cost, supported by enabling functions and striving to exceed the expectations of their customers in every aspect of their work.


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