What is the Operational Infrastructure (IO) Team?

The Operational Infrastructure (OI) Team, part of the Land Equipment Operating Centre, consists of four ODAs:

  1. Infrastructure (domestic, technical and HQ accommodation systems, force protection engineering and expedient surfaces);
  2. Utilities (deployable power, fuel and water purification systems);
  3. Workshops (containerised technical systems, hand tools, test and measurement services, garaging/workshop systems and
    ancillaries); and
  4. Bridging (a range of solutions to cross both dry and wet gaps in both benign and hostile environments).

The Team is a mix of new capability projects and in-service support. It manages equipment deployed worldwide, providing critical support on both Operations and Exercises. It strives hard to deliver the right equipment at the right time to users and to deliver at the right price for the Customer.


Doing Business with Defence Handbook. Edition 24 (2018).


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