Reviewing the Exoskeleton Expansion for Improving Walking & Running Economy

Research Paper Title The exoskeleton expansion: improving walking and running economy. Background Since the early 2000s, researchers have been trying to develop lower-limb exoskeletons that augment human mobility by reducing the metabolic cost of walking and running versus without a device. In 2013, researchers finally broke this ‘metabolic cost barrier’. The analysed the literature through… Read More


Reaching a Consensus on Testing & Evaluation of Military Exoskeletons for the Dismounted Combatant

Research Paper Title Consensus paper on testing and evaluation of military exoskeletons for the dismounted combatant. Abstract Enhancing the capabilities of the dismounted combatant has been an enduring goal of international military research communities. Emerging developments in exoskeleton technology offers the potential to augment the dismounted combatant’s capabilities. However, the ability to determine the value… Read More