What are the RAF Colour Perception Standards by Officer Branch?

The Royal Air Force (RAF) colour perception standards for commissioned officer roles are contained within the RAF Recruiting and Selection Branch Selection Sheets. These are summarised in Table 1. Table 1: RAF Colour Perception Standards by Officer Branch Colour Perception Standard RAF Officer Branch 1 Aerospace Battle Manager. Air Traffic Controller Officer. Engineer (CE &… Read More


Royal Navy AIB & FAT Score Ranges, 2017-2018

Below are the score ranges for the Admiralty Interview Board (AIB) and the pilot’s Flying Aptitude Test (FAT) between May 2017 and January 2018. Table 1: AIB & FAT score ranges Entry Point Number of Candidates AIB Score Range FAT Score Range May 2017 12 148-89 163-114 September 2017 14 140-96 155-114 January 2018 14… Read More

Number of Trained Female RAF Pilots from 1994 to 2017

In 1994, the Women’s Royal Air Force (WRAF) merged with the Royal Air Force (RAF). From 1994 to October 2017, 121 women have trained and qualified as pilots in the RAF, on average 5 women qualifying as pilots each year. The RAF introduced a new administrative system in 2006 which accurately records a variety of… Read More

RAF Aircrew Training Pipeline Statistics, 2015-2018

Below are the statistics for the RAF aircrew training pipeline for 2015 to 2018. Table 1: Basic fast jet training pipeline Financial Year (FY) In Training Start FY Started Training During FY Completed Training During FY Still In Training End of FY 2015/2016 12 26 15 20 2016/2017 20 14 23 10 2017/2018 10 15… Read More

Military Aircrew & High Altitude Hypoxia Training … erm … Remembering Stuff!

Research Paper Title Mechanisms of Memory Dysfunction during High Altitude Hypoxia Training in Military Aircrew. Background Cognitive dysfunction from high altitude exposure is a major cause of civilian and military air disasters. Pilot training improves recognition of the early symptoms of altitude exposure so that countermeasures may be taken before loss of consciousness. Little is… Read More