What are the Effects of Chronic Intermittent Exposure to High Altitude Environments on Military Personnel?

Research Paper Title The objective assessment of the effects on cognition functioning among military personnel exposed to hypobaric-hypoxia: A pilot fMRI study. Background To identify regions of the brain affected during cognitive working memory during tasks to assess attention, planning and decision making among military aviation personnel who have chronic intermittent exposure to high altitude… Read More


What is the Anticipated Reduction in Aerobic Exercise Performance under Various Combinations of Acute Altitude Exposure & Load Carriage Conditions?

Research Paper Title Aerobic Exercise Performance During Load Carriage and Acute Altitude Exposure. Background This study quantified the impact of combined load carriage and acute altitude exposure on 5-km running time-trial (TT) performance and self-selected pacing strategy. Furthermore, this study developed a velocity prediction tool (nomogram) for similar aerobic exercise tasks performed under various combinations… Read More

High Altitude & Pulmonary Embolism in Military Populations

Research Paper Title Profile of pulmonary embolism in service personnel posted at high altitude area. Background The researchers evaluated the clinical presentation and risk factors of pulmonary embolism (PE) in soldiers posted at high altitude areas (HAA). Methods The researchers conducted a retrospective analysis of all cases of PE presented to us between March 2011… Read More

At the Height of Performance!

1.0     Introduction This article provides a brief overview of altitude training and is primarily aimed at the lay person or exercise professionals new to this form of training. With numerous evidence-based fitness benefits, altitude training is becoming more readily available in commercial settings. This brief article takes a closer look at what altitude training… Read More

Is Muscle Fn14 Gene Expression Associated with Fat-Free Mass Retention during Energy Deficit at High Altitude?

Research Paper Title Muscle Fn14 gene expression is associated with fat-free mass retention during energy deficit at high altitude. Background Intramuscular factors that modulate fat-free mass (FFM) loss in lowlanders exposed to energy deficit during high-altitude (HA) sojourns remain unclear. Muscle inflammation may contribute to FFM loss at HA by inducing atrophy and inhibiting myogenesis… Read More

Does Altitude Acclimatisation Alleviate the Hypoxia-Induced Suppression of Exogenous Glucose Oxidation During Steady-State Aerobic Exercise?

Research Paper Title Altitude Acclimatisation Alleviates the Hypoxia-Induced Suppression of Exogenous Glucose Oxidation During Steady-State Aerobic Exercise. Background This study investigated how high-altitude (HA, 4300 m) acclimatisation affected exogenous glucose oxidation during aerobic exercise. Methods Sea-level (SL) residents (n = 14 men) performed 80-min, metabolically matched exercise ( V˙ O2 ∼ 1.7 L/min) at SL… Read More

Military Aircrew & High Altitude Hypoxia Training … erm … Remembering Stuff!

Research Paper Title Mechanisms of Memory Dysfunction during High Altitude Hypoxia Training in Military Aircrew. Background Cognitive dysfunction from high altitude exposure is a major cause of civilian and military air disasters. Pilot training improves recognition of the early symptoms of altitude exposure so that countermeasures may be taken before loss of consciousness. Little is… Read More