Is Muscle Fn14 Gene Expression Associated with Fat-Free Mass Retention during Energy Deficit at High Altitude?

Research Paper Title Muscle Fn14 gene expression is associated with fat-free mass retention during energy deficit at high altitude. Background Intramuscular factors that modulate fat-free mass (FFM) loss in lowlanders exposed to energy deficit during high-altitude (HA) sojourns remain unclear. Muscle inflammation may contribute to FFM loss at HA by inducing atrophy and inhibiting myogenesis… Read More


Nutrition & Performance at Altitude

Research Paper Title Optimizing Nutrition for Performance at Altitude: A Literature Review. Abstract Human beings are unique for their capacity to maximise their physical potential through various means. High altitude mountaineering is one such way that people challenge generally accepted notions about what is biologically and volutionarily possible. While a 20,000+ft summit may be uninhabitable… Read More