2nd Maritime Air Wing Formally Commissioned

A new Fleet Air Arm unit with a nod to the birth of naval aviation will provide the helicopter pilots of the future. 2nd Maritime Air Wing has been formally commissioned at RAF Shawbury in Shropshire to oversee the training of Naval, RAF and Army Air Corps helicopter pilots – turning men and women with… Read More


What is the Number of Black (African) Officers in the Royal Navy?

On 01 October 2018, the number of officers that had been commissioned into the Royal Navy (RN) and Royal Marines (RM) as regular officers with a Black (African) ethnicity was 10 (rounded). Between 01 April 2007 and 31 March 2018, the number of officers that had been commissioned into the RN and RM as regular… Read More

What is Cobham Aviation Services?

Cobham Aviation Services is responsible for providing the aircraft, engineering, training facilities, and for continuing airworthiness at the Defence Helicopter Flying School (DHFS). They maintain a first-line engineering presence at RAF Valley and first-line/depth engineering facility at RAF Shawbury. Approximately 40% of all aircrew instructors at DHFS are ex-military Cobham employees.

What is the Defence Helicopter Flying School?

The Defence Helicopter Flying School (DHFS) is located at RAF Shawbury, with a permanent detachment at RAF Valley. The DHFS provides basic helicopter training for pilots from the three Services, as well as foreign and Commonwealth countries, using both Griffin and Squirrel helicopters. The DHFS was formed on 01 April 1997 and, although it is… Read More

What is the Percentage of Applicants who Complete British Army Flying Aptitudes?

Table 1 outlines the number of applicants who, between 2012 and 2017, passed: The Aircrew Aptitude Test (AAT); The Army Flying Grading Course (AFGC); and The Aircrew Medical (AM). Table 1: Applicants passing AAT, AFGC, and AM Year AAT AFGC AM 2012 72% 78% 51% 2013 67% 60% 73% 2014 53% 70% 70% 2015 54%… Read More

What is the UK Military Flying Training System (UKMFTS) Team?

The UK Military Flying Training System (UKMFTS) Project Team, part of the Combat Air Operating Centre, is part of the Combat Air pillar within the DE&S organisation. UKMFTS is a Major Defence Change Programme to deliver a world-class flying training system for all UK Military Aircrew. UKMFTS will deliver a coherent, flexible and integrated flying training capability… Read More