UK RAF Police Structure

The table below provides a breakdown of the Royal Air Force Police (RAFP) structure including number of posts and locations where units are based in the UK. Unit Number of Posts Locations Counter Intelligence and Security Squdron 86 RAF Honington, RAF Cranwell, and RAF Halton Specialist Investigations Branch 60 RAF Cranwell, RAF Halton, and RAF… Read More


What is Cobham Aviation Services?

Cobham Aviation Services is responsible for providing the aircraft, engineering, training facilities, and for continuing airworthiness at the Defence Helicopter Flying School (DHFS). They maintain a first-line engineering presence at RAF Valley and first-line/depth engineering facility at RAF Shawbury. Approximately 40% of all aircrew instructors at DHFS are ex-military Cobham employees.

What is the Defence Helicopter Flying School?

The Defence Helicopter Flying School (DHFS) is located at RAF Shawbury, with a permanent detachment at RAF Valley. The DHFS provides basic helicopter training for pilots from the three Services, as well as foreign and Commonwealth countries, using both Griffin and Squirrel helicopters. The DHFS was formed on 01 April 1997 and, although it is… Read More