What are the Phases of Training in the RAF Pilot Flying Training Pipeline?

Royal Air Force (RAF) flying trainees undergo a number of phases of training during the process of becoming a RAF pilot. Phase 01: Initial Officer Training (IOT): 24 weeks, no flying hours. Phase 02: Elementary Flying Training (EFT): 25-27 weeks, and 56 flying hours. EFT duration is inclusive of 5-weeks ground school and Fast Jet… Read More


Total Number of Pilots in the UK Armed Forces, 2013-2014

The total number of pilots by Service: Royal Air Force (RAF): 1,830, as at 01 December 2013. 1,790, as at 01 December 2014. Royal Navy/Royal Marines: 550, as at 01 December 2013. 530, as at 01 December 2014. Army Air Corps (AAC): 540, as at September 2014. 550, as at February 2015. As per Defence… Read More

RAF Aircrew Training Pipeline Statistics, 2015-2018

Below are the statistics for the RAF aircrew training pipeline for 2015 to 2018. Table 1: Basic fast jet training pipeline Financial Year (FY) In Training Start FY Started Training During FY Completed Training During FY Still In Training End of FY 2015/2016 12 26 15 20 2016/2017 20 14 23 10 2017/2018 10 15… Read More

Developing an Anthropometric Database of Brazilian Air Force Pilots

Research Paper Title Anthropometry of Brazilian Air Force pilots. Background Anthropometric data are essential for the design of military equipment including sizing of aircraft cockpits and personal gear. Currently, there are no anthropometric databases specific to Brazilian military personnel. The aim of this study was to create a Brazilian anthropometric database of Air Force pilots.… Read More