What are the Phases of Training in the RAF Pilot Flying Training Pipeline?

Royal Air Force (RAF) flying trainees undergo a number of phases of training during the process of becoming a RAF pilot.

  • Phase 01: Initial Officer Training (IOT): 24 weeks, no flying hours.
  • Phase 02: Elementary Flying Training (EFT): 25-27 weeks, and 56 flying hours.
    • EFT duration is inclusive of 5-weeks ground school and Fast Jet Lead in course, and is dependent on weather and time of year.
  • Basic Fast Jet Training (BFJT): 43 weeks, and 108 flying hours.
  • Advanced Jet Training (AJT): 54 weeks, and 94 flying hours.
  • Operational Conversion Unit (OCU): N/A, and 52 flying hours.

An overview of the training pathways: FOI – RAF Pilot Pipeline, Phases of Training Diagrams.


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