Are You A Deceiver?

UK organisations are flooded with applications from willing candidates, leaving employers to separate the wheat from the chaff (the CIPD’s recent Labour Market Outlook reported an average of 45 applications for each vacancy). Experienced recruiters therefore become the coveted custodians of one of the most important talent management strategies. Worryingly, a study from the Journal… Read More


News: What Unemployment!

The unemployment rate in the Euro 17 countries (those with the Euro currency) reached an all-time high of 12% in February 2013. The wider European Union (all 27 countries) witnessed an unemployment rate of 10.9%. In both zones, rates have risen markedly compared with February 2012, when they were 10.9% and 10.2% respectively. Current unemployment rates by… Read More

Seven ways to keep your Job!

The top tips for helping you get on are: Keep your skills and knowledge up to date; Get on with your colleagues; Have integrity; Use your initiative; Deliver; Ditch the attitude of entitlement; and Don’t be self-centered. On the whole I agree with the above seven tips and the reasoning behind them.  Use the link… Read More