Online Initiative to Help Military Dependents Find Work

An online initiative to help military dependants find work is going from strength to strengthdespite the disruption caused by Covid. The Forces Families Jobs website, which offers training and employment opportunities for partners and offspring of Service personnel, was set up in September 2019, some six months before the pandemic brought normal life to a… Read More


What are the Effects of Army Training & Employment?

About This Report This report, authored by David Gee for Veterans for Peace UK, draws on veterans’ testimony and around 200 studies from the last half-century to explore the effects of army employment on recruits, particularly their initial training. The studies are mainly the work of military academic research departments in the UK and US,… Read More

What is the Economic Cost of Overlooking Ex-Military Personnel & their Skills?

New research has revealed that the UK economy could suffer losses of up to £1.5 billion in the next five years if service leavers are unable to find employment, or are under employed upon leaving the Armed Forces. The research calculates the direct and indirect contribution of the up to 85,000 personnel that are estimated… Read More

Jobs, Productivity & Skills

Did you know that 22% of jobs in the UK require no more than compulsory-level schooling (e.g. GCSE or Standard grades). This is the second highest level in the OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) and compares poorly to countries like Germany, Japan and Sweden with 5% or less. The UK also has the… Read More

Hire A Squaddie, Bag A Bonus (Maybe!)

The UK Government has hinted that employers could be given hundreds of pounds if they hire a reservist, in a move aimed at bolstering the UK’s part-time Army. Defence secretary Philip Hammond confirmed that a cash bonus was being considered to help businesses – particularly SMEs (Small & Medium Enterprises) – employ staff who are… Read More

News: What Unemployment!

The unemployment rate in the Euro 17 countries (those with the Euro currency) reached an all-time high of 12% in February 2013. The wider European Union (all 27 countries) witnessed an unemployment rate of 10.9%. In both zones, rates have risen markedly compared with February 2012, when they were 10.9% and 10.2% respectively. Current unemployment rates by… Read More