What were the Cernida?

Introduction The cernide or cernida (also known as the cranide in Dalmatia) were territorial armies of the Veneto and Istria that annually received some military training. Background The name cernida derives from the fact that the one or two young men were chosen (cf. Italian: cernere ‘to choose, select’) for every ten from among the… Read More


A Snapshot of the Makeup of the British Army (01 July 2007)

Research Paper Title “A Moment in Time”. The British Army at a Moment in Time: A Look at and From It of the Makeup of the Regular and Territorial Army. Abstract Entitled a “Moment In Time” this document looks at the British Army and the various related military and civil organisations as from 1st July 2007.… Read More

Arming the British Home Guard, 1940-1944

Research Paper Title Arming the British Home Guard, 1940-1944. Abstract The Second World War saw British society mobilised to an unprecedented extent to meet the threat of Total War. ‘Total Defence’ was manifest in organisations such as the ARP and Home Guard. What sets the Home Guard apart was its combatant role. This (PhD) thesis (which runs… Read More

Hire A Squaddie, Bag A Bonus (Maybe!)

The UK Government has hinted that employers could be given hundreds of pounds if they hire a reservist, in a move aimed at bolstering the UK’s part-time Army. Defence secretary Philip Hammond confirmed that a cash bonus was being considered to help businesses – particularly SMEs (Small & Medium Enterprises) – employ staff who are… Read More