Military Learning in the 21st Century

Technology and education have changed going into the 21st century, which affects the military as well. Here is a look at modern military learning. Read More


Sample Oxford University Interview Questions

Sticking with our university theme, could you describe what a rock looks like? This is one of the many sample questions that Oxford University releases so that prospective students have an idea of what to expect at interview. Other sample questions include: What can historians not find out about the past? What are the different… Read More

Jobs, Productivity & Skills

Did you know that 22% of jobs in the UK require no more than compulsory-level schooling (e.g. GCSE or Standard grades). This is the second highest level in the OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) and compares poorly to countries like Germany, Japan and Sweden with 5% or less. The UK also has the… Read More

Do Teachers have Any Impact on their Pupils’ Future Income?

There are few policy questions to which improving the quality of education is not a reasonable answer. Yet assessing teachers is far from straightforward. Pupils’ grades or test scores may reflect any of a host of influences, not just the standard of instruction. Neither can one take for granted that good teaching, however it is… Read More

Research: Educational Differences & Physical Fitness

Research Paper Title Educational Differences in Self-rated Physical Fitness among Finns. Background The high educated live longer and healthier lives when compared to the low educated. Physical fitness as a health indicator reflects the level of physical activity along with other health-influencing factors such as obesity, smoking, chronic diseases and individual training effects. Studies support… Read More