Do People in the UK Underestimate their Weight?

More than a third of UK residents who think of themselves as overweight are actually clinically obese, a European survey has shown. The survey, carried out for the European Association for the Study of Obesity, also found that a fifth (20%) of UK adults who consider themselves to be of normal weight are in fact… Read More


Is it a Tardis or a Health Assessment?

If you spot a space-age contraption littering your reception area, there is every chance your company has joined the craze for health kiosks. These all-in-one devices allow staff to self-test for a variety of factors and then produce an actionable plan on how to manage any conditions they detect, and includes: Blood pressure; Weight; BMI;… Read More

Think of your Waistline: The Gulp Campaign

A new campaign called Gulp (Give Up Loving Pop) takes to the road in half term week to tell the truth about the harmful effects of sugary drinks. There is a chronic lack of awareness among adults and young people about the effect  of sugary drinks on weight and and a range of associated health… Read More

Your BMI and Middle Age: Any Connection?

According to new research, men who are in the normal weight range in middle life and then let their weight creep up have a better life expectancy than those whose BMI remains at the baseline of 22-25. This finding from the Oslo Study of 5239 men born in 1923-1932 should not come as a surprise… Read More

Linking Fried Food Consumption, Genetic Risk & Body Mass Index

Research Paper Title Fried Food Consumption, Genetic Risk, and Body Mass Index: Gene-diet Interaction Analysis in Three US Cohort Studies. Study Question Does genetic predisposition interact with the effect of fried food consumption on adiposity? Summary Answer The association between fried food consumption and adiposity is strengthened by genetic predisposition; and the genetic influences on… Read More

Study Busts Myth of “Metabolically Healthy” Obesity

An article by Susan Mayor of the British Medical Journal: Obese people are at a greater risk of death and cardiovascular events even without metabolic abnormalities than people in the normal weight range, warns a study that questions the belief that it is possible to be healthy despite being seriously overweight (Kramer et al., 2013).… Read More

Research Paper Title Association between Body Mass Index and Cardiovascular Disease Mortality in East Asians and South Asians: Pooled Analysis of Prospective Data from the Asia Cohort Consortium. Study Question Is body mass index  (BMI) associated with death from overall cardiovascular disease (CVD)  and specific subtypes of CVD in East and South Asians? Summary Answer… Read More