Interviews: Yes, They Really Did Ask That…

Although most interviewers during the recruitment process will ask relevant and appropriate questions, not everyone is so enlightened according the CIPDs People Management magazine (Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development). “A new list of the most shocking questions in recent UK graduate interviews, compiled by lawyers Thomas Mansfield, takes us back to the heyday of… Read More


Beware of Attendance Bonuses tied to Sickness Absence!

A tribunal case has found that a bonus scheme linked to attendance was discriminatory. In the case of Land Registry v Houghton, the employer operated a discretionary bonus scheme where any employee who received a formal warning for sickness absence would not be able to receive it. However, a number of employees were disabled, meaning… Read More

Is it a Tardis or a Health Assessment?

If you spot a space-age contraption littering your reception area, there is every chance your company has joined the craze for health kiosks. These all-in-one devices allow staff to self-test for a variety of factors and then produce an actionable plan on how to manage any conditions they detect, and includes: Blood pressure; Weight; BMI;… Read More

Productivity: Pens & Employees

Treadmill desks were supposed to be the answer to declining productivity among office-bound employees. However, research suggests they do not work. A 12-week study by the University of Oregan has found they only offer a negligible boost to well-being. Although, luckily, help is at hand in the form of research from New York University which… Read More

Top Employers a Whisker away from Lord Davies Gender Target

By Peter Crush writing on the CIPDs magazine ‘People Management’: A near doubling of the number of women in Britain’s boardrooms in just four years has been hailed as a major breakthrough in gender diversity. Figures published on [25 March] reveal that total female representation on FTSE 100 boards has almost doubled from 12.5 per… Read More