Is it a Tardis or a Health Assessment?

Health Assessment KioskIf you spot a space-age contraption littering your reception area, there is every chance your company has joined the craze for health kiosks.

These all-in-one devices allow staff to self-test for a variety of factors and then produce an actionable plan on how to manage any conditions they detect, and includes:

  • Blood pressure;
  • Weight;
  • BMI;
  • Body fat content; and
  • Heart rate.

The BBC, the Department for Environment and Rural Affairs, National Grid and Siemens have all signed up to offer kiosks in their buildings, making them one of the top well-being trends of 2015.

“For many, it’s a first step towards taking an interest in their health,” says Ben McGannan, MD of Wellbeing People, manufacturer of health assessment kiosks.


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