Women & Breakfast

A survey in Australia has discovered that many socioeconomically disadvantaged women do not eat breakfast (1). The authors think that this must be bad for these women, and they find that breakfast skipping is associated with a lack of nutritional knowledge in general. The authors conclude that “programs that aim to promote breakfast consumption in… Read More


Last Night I Watched…

Episode 3 of ‘The Men Who Made Us Thin’. Last night’s programme was very interesting, it talked about BMI (Body Mass Index) classifications and bariatric surgery. Based on last episode’s premise that “‘exercise is an inefficient means of weight loss”, this week’s chat about surgical interventions as a ‘valid’ method of weight loss came as… Read More

Would More Physical Education Reduce Youth Overweight?

Preface Given my post of last week about the role of exercise and weight loss, this is an interesting summation of a study by US researchers conducted almost 10 years ago! Article The prevalence of youth overweight has risen dramatically over the past three decades in the US and now represents an epidemic. Since 1970,… Read More

What is the Link between Adiposity & Cardiometabolic Disease?

A genetic predisposition to obesity is randomly allocated, and mendelian randomisation studies exploit this natural experiment to find out if well established associations between obesity and disease are likely to be causal. The latest study used a genetic variation that increases body mass index (BMI) by 0.36 unit per allele. In analyses pooling 36 observational… Read More


Well I am now on day three of my first MOOC (Massive Open Online Course). I am enrolled on two courses: Nutrition & Physical Activity for Health (University of Philadelphia, started Mon 15 Jul); and Exercise Physiology: Understanding the Athlete Within (University of Melbourne, started Mon 22 Jul). Both courses last for 6 weeks and… Read More

Child Obesity: Shared Care Model

Research Paper Title Shared Care Obesity Management in 3-10 Year Old Children: 12 Month Outcomes of HopSCOTCH Randomised Trial. Study Question Does a shared care model of obesity management, involving primary care and tertiary care obesity specialists, result in better body masss index (BMI) and related outcomes in obese children aged 3-10 years? Summary Answer… Read More

Physical Activity Beneficial for Mental & Physical Functioning

Research Paper Title Joint Association of Physical Activity and Body Weight with Subsequent Physical and Mental Functioning: A Follow-up Study. Background Physical inactivity and overweight are major threats to public health. However, it is not well understood to what extent physical activity might counteract the harmful effects of overweight on functioning. Thus, the researchers examined… Read More