MOOCs & Coursera: Any Good?

If like me, you have completed a course or courses (i.e. MOOCs) on Coursera, then you will be pleased to hear the following. In the last three years, over 25 million people from around the world have enrolled in Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) offered by Coursera, EdX, and other platforms. More than one million… Read More



Well I am now on day three of my first MOOC (Massive Open Online Course). I am enrolled on two courses: Nutrition & Physical Activity for Health (University of Philadelphia, started Mon 15 Jul); and Exercise Physiology: Understanding the Athlete Within (University of Melbourne, started Mon 22 Jul). Both courses last for 6 weeks and… Read More

Putting Learning in Collective Hands: A New Democracy?

This article looks at the democratisation of learning and the importance of this in an era of technological advances and high-speed innovation and change. Collaborative learning, where two or more people learn together to share knowledge and good practice can help spark innovation, break down silos and boundaries and open up the process of both… Read More