Discussing the Latest Research on CTRP3 in Obesity, Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome, & Cardiovascular Diseases

Research Paper Title New Insights Into Implications of CTRP3 in Obesity, Metabolic Dysfunction, and Cardiovascular Diseases: Potential of Therapeutic Interventions. Background Adipose tissue, as the largest endocrine organ, secretes many biologically active molecules circulating in the bloodstream, collectively termed adipocytokines, which not only regulate the metabolism but also play a role in pathophysiological processes. C1q… Read More


Is There a Sex-specific Association of Hyperuricemia with Cardiometabolic Abnormalities?

Research Paper Title Sex-specific association of hyperuricemia with cardiometabolic abnormalities in a military cohort: The CHIEF study. Background Hyperuricemia has been associated with metabolic syndrome, and the association with various cardiometabolic risk factors may be affected by sex. Methods The researchers made a cross-sectional examination in a military cohort of 6738 men and 766 women,… Read More

Is Low-dose Aspirin Effective in Increasing Pregnancy & Live Birth among Women with Metabolic Syndrome?

Research Paper Title Metabolic Syndrome and the Effectiveness of Low-dose Aspirin on Reproductive Outcomes. Background Metabolic syndrome is associated with increases in both inflammation and aspirin resistance, but effectiveness of aspirin in improving reproductive health among women with metabolic syndrome is unknown. We evaluated the effectiveness of low-dose aspirin in improving reproductive outcomes across metabolic… Read More

Obesity-Prone & Obesity-Resistant People: Some Myths & Facts

Introduction We all know someone who eat like a horse yet remains as skinny as a rake, while one of your other friend’s seem to pile on the pounds just by thinking about food. At the heart of the difference is metabolism (the sum of the chemical reactions occurring in the body at any given time).… Read More

Is there a Correlation between Autonomic Dysfunction & Metabolic Syndrome?

Research Paper Title Study on autonomic dysfunction and metabolic syndrome in Chinese patients. Background There is still a lack of simple methods and instruments for the early assessment of autonomic dysfunction in metabolic syndrome patients. Assessment of sudomotor function has been proposed to explore autonomic function, and could be used as an early biomarker for… Read More

Compartmental Neck Fat Accumulation, CV Risk & Metabolic Syndrome

Research Paper Title Compartmental Neck Fat Accumulation and its Relationship to Cardiovascular Risk and Metabolic Syndrome. Background Neck circumference is a predictor of cardiovascular disease (CVD) risk. However, detailed assessment of neck fat has not been explored, and the contribution from individual neck fat compartments to CVD risk is unknown. Objective The objective was to… Read More

Linking Metabolic Syndrome, CV Risk & Economic Development

Research Paper Title Dramatic Escalation in Metabolic Syndrome and Cardiovascular Risk in a Chinese Population Experiencing Rapid Economic Development. Background Metabolic syndrome (MetSyn) increases the incidence of cardiovascular disease. Information on changes in prevalence of MetSyn in developing countries is limited. This study aims to compare MetSyn prevalence and its associated vascular risk over the… Read More