6 Nutritional Drinks you Need for Fast Workout Results

For anyone engaging in workouts to attain or maintain physical fitness, quick or fast sublime results provide the much-needed assurance that the efforts did actually bear fruit. The main objective of nutritional drinks pre-, peri- (during), post-workout is to ensure that a proper balance of the body’s progressive and timely nutritional needs is maintained for… Read More


Some Interesting Facts about the Fluids We Drink

“Fancy a drink? At some point today the answer will be yes. The average adult drinks about 1.7 litres of fluids a day: water, tea, coffee, soda, milk, fruit juice and more. But our ideas of what we should be drinking are clouded by urban myths, wishful thinking and dubious health claims. Time to mix in some fact.” (Adee et al.,… Read More

What is the Association between Sugary Drinks & HDL Cholesterol in Children?

Research Paper Title Sugar-Sweetened Beverage Intake Is Positively Associated with Baseline Triglyceride Concentrations, and Changes in Intake Are Inversely Associated with HDL Cholesterol Increases over 12 Months in a Multi-Ethnic Sample of Children. Background Intake of sugar-sweetened beverages (SSBs) is linked to greater cardiometabolic risk in adults. Although longitudinal evidence is sparse among children, SSB… Read More

Is There Any Link Between Soft Drink Intake & Osteoarthritis?

Research Paper Title Soft Drink Intake and Progression of Radiographic Knee Osteoarthritis: Data from the Osteoarthritis Initiative. Background The researchers examined the prospective association of soft drink consumption with radiographic progression of knee osteoarthritis (OA). This was a prospective cohort study which used data from the osteoarthritis initiative (OAI). Methods In OAI, 2149 participants with… Read More

Type 2 Diabetes & Beverages: Any Connection?

Research Paper Title Consumption of Sugar Sweetened Beverages, Artificially Sweetened Beverages, and Fruit Juice and Incidence of Type 2 Diabetes: Systematic Review, Meta-analysis, and Estimation of Population Attributable Fraction. Objectives To examine the prospective associations between consumption of sugar sweetened beverages, artificially sweetened beverages, and fruit juice with type 2 diabetes before and after adjustment… Read More

Cravings: Honey Trumps Money

Did your latest sugar hit leave you craving more? Well. it might depend on the type you consumed. Fructose, the sugar found in honey and fruit, appears to make our brains more responsive to images of food than glucose, and people who drink fructose-rich drinks are more likely to choose high-calorie foods over money prizes. Reference Luoa, S., Monterosso, J.R., Sarpelleh, K. & Page,… Read More

Small Improvements to help People Stay at Healthy Weight, as recommended by NICE

Making any improvements, however small, to physical activity or dietary habits is likely to help individuals stay at a healthy weight or prevent further weight gain, guidelines from the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence have said. The new guidelines described the many things that people can do to maintain a healthy weight that… Read More