6 Nutritional Drinks you Need for Fast Workout Results

For anyone engaging in workouts to attain or maintain physical fitness, quick or fast sublime results provide the much-needed assurance that the efforts did actually bear fruit. The main objective of nutritional drinks pre-, peri- (during), post-workout is to ensure that a proper balance of the body’s progressive and timely nutritional needs is maintained for… Read More


Hydration during Workouts

Nutrition goals during your workout should be to replace the fluid lost through sweat and make sure you have enough fuel (carbohydrate) to last the distance and work at your hardest. When Do I Need Fuel? Whether you require carbohydrate or not during exercise depends on the length and intensity of exercise. Generally, if your… Read More

The ‘Power’ of An Energy Drink on Two Selected Sport Performance Activities

Research Paper Title Effect of Energy Drink Consumption on Power and Velocity of Selected Sport Performance Activities. Background Energy drinks comprise a multi-billion dollar market focused on younger, active and competitive individuals. Marketing includes claims of improved alertness and performance. The purpose of this study was to assess power (W) and velocity (m·s) of a… Read More

Sales of Sports Drinks Overtaken by E-Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes overtook sports ‘nutrition’ drinks to become the UKs fastest growing supermarket product sold last year, by both volume and value. Data from the the consumer spending analyst Neilsen highlights that supermarket sales of the devices rose by 50% to 17.3 million units during 2013-2014. In contrast, the sales of other nicotine replacement products,… Read More