Some Interesting Facts about the Fluids We Drink

“Fancy a drink? At some point today the answer will be yes. The average adult drinks about 1.7 litres of fluids a day: water, tea, coffee, soda, milk, fruit juice and more. But our ideas of what we should be drinking are clouded by urban myths, wishful thinking and dubious health claims. Time to mix in some fact.” (Adee et al.,… Read More


What is the Association between Sugary Drinks & HDL Cholesterol in Children?

Research Paper Title Sugar-Sweetened Beverage Intake Is Positively Associated with Baseline Triglyceride Concentrations, and Changes in Intake Are Inversely Associated with HDL Cholesterol Increases over 12 Months in a Multi-Ethnic Sample of Children. Background Intake of sugar-sweetened beverages (SSBs) is linked to greater cardiometabolic risk in adults. Although longitudinal evidence is sparse among children, SSB… Read More

Cravings: Honey Trumps Money

Did your latest sugar hit leave you craving more? Well. it might depend on the type you consumed. Fructose, the sugar found in honey and fruit, appears to make our brains more responsive to images of food than glucose, and people who drink fructose-rich drinks are more likely to choose high-calorie foods over money prizes. Reference Luoa, S., Monterosso, J.R., Sarpelleh, K. & Page,… Read More

What’s the Real Secret to Weight Loss?

The below article, written by Sue Dunlevy – National Health Correspondent for the News Corps Australia Network, is about sugar which initiated a variety of responses (Reader Replies to, What’s the Real Secret to Weight Loss). Three things I note from the article: Moderation: noted in the reader replies; and Physical Activity: not mentioned at… Read More

WHO Says Sugar Should Make Up Less Than 5% of Total Energy Consumption

Free sugar should make up less than 5% of a person’s total energy consumption, new guidance from the World Health Organization states (WHO, 2015). In the new guidance WHO is backing a 2002 recommendation that monosaccharides and disaccharides – that is, sugar added to food or found in honey, fruit syrups, fruit juice, and fruit… Read More

Want Some Extra Flavour? Then Get Your Electric Spoon!

For all you salt junkies out there, if your dinner last night was missing some zing a newly developed spoon studded with electrodes could help. The spoon creates tastes on your tongue with a pulse of electricity. It has been noted that the spoon may add some extra flavour for people who should not eat certain foods. The… Read More

Reduce Sugar Intake to 3% to Protect against Tooth Decay

Research Paper Title A Reappraisal of the Quantitative Relationship between Sugar Intake and Dental Caries: the Need for New Criteria for Developing Goals for Sugar Intake. Background There is a clear relation between sugars and caries. However, no analysis has yet been made of the lifetime burden of caries induced by sugar to see whether… Read More