What are the Benefits to Older Adults of Exceeding the WHO Recommended Exercise Levels?

New research has shown that older adults who exercised above current recommended levels were twice as likely to avoid health conditions, such as heart disease and type 2 diabetes, and be in optimal physical and mental shape. New research has shown that older adults who exercise above current recommended levels have a reduced risk of… Read More


Recording Personal Hygiene Behaviour among Military Personnel

Research Paper Title Personal Hygiene among Military Personnel: Developing and Testing a Self-administered Scale. Background Good personal hygiene (PH) behaviour is recommended to prevent contagious diseases, and members of military forces may be at high risk for contracting contagious diseases. The aim of this study was to develop and test a new questionnaire on PH… Read More

Research: Educational Differences & Physical Fitness

Research Paper Title Educational Differences in Self-rated Physical Fitness among Finns. Background The high educated live longer and healthier lives when compared to the low educated. Physical fitness as a health indicator reflects the level of physical activity along with other health-influencing factors such as obesity, smoking, chronic diseases and individual training effects. Studies support… Read More