Advice for Military Spouses: Long-Distance Relationships

More people are turning to online dating services to help find connections in the ranks of the military. Not only are the people on these dating sites from various branches, but they understand the commitment and sacrifice that comes with serving. The army dating website is an example of a military-only matchmaking site that… Read More


Army Parents’ Network Milestone

An initiative dedicated to those raising children has just added its 3,000th member – and is continuing to grow. The popular Army Parents’ Network (APN), based around a closed Facebook group, aims to give those looking after youngsters support, help and advice. It also offers some handy hints on day-to-day issues. How Does it Work?… Read More

What are the UK Military Personal Status Categories?

What is a Personal Status Category? Formerly known as marital status, the purpose of a personal status category (PStat Cat) is to determine entitlement to benefits. What are the Levels of PStat Cat? Personnel can be placed into one of five categories, as outlined below: PStat Cat 1: Those in PStat Cat 1 will meet… Read More

Brutal Tips for Dating a Military Person

Dating someone that is in the military, or dating while in the military, can be challenging. There is the constant threat of being shipped out and always some mystery involved as to where your loved ones are going. However, that does not mean you cannot have a great and enjoyable dating experience. This site has… Read More

US Military Spouses to be Reimbursed for Professional Licensing

A new provision in the defence bill bumps up the maximum military spouse reimbursement to $1,000, for re-licensing and re-certification costs each time they relocate with their service member. The defence bill, signed into law by President Donald Trump, also extendsthe authority for this reimbursement by two years through 31 December 2024. Separate provisions in… Read More

Military Spouse Day

Introduction Military Spouse Day, also known as Military Spouse Appreciation Day, is celebrated on the Friday before Mother’s Day in the United States. Many United States citizens take this day to acknowledge the significant contributions, support, and sacrifices of spouses of their Armed Forces. Each year, the US President normally commemorates this day with a… Read More

UCAS Information Support for Military Students

An advice page on university applications has been set up for Armed Forces students by the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS). It includes information for children, veterans and spouses, and can be found by searching “Armed Forces” on the UCAS website at (scroll down when page loads).