Advice for Military Spouses: Long-Distance Relationships

More people are turning to online dating services to help find connections in the ranks of the military. Not only are the people on these dating sites from various branches, but they understand the commitment and sacrifice that comes with serving.

The army dating website is an example of a military-only matchmaking site that also specialises in advice to help maintain a healthy relationship with your partner.

Here are some ways to manage a long-distance relationship.

Dating and Relationships at a Distance

Many people think that long-distance relationships are too difficult to manage or that they are not worth it. However, an online dating service can help people to build and maintain a strong relationship with each other no matter the distance.

Messaging, pictures, and video chats are just some of the ways to close the distance between the couples while using these services.

Time is Your Gift: Appreciate your Time Together

Another thing that people in the military have to think about when they have settled down with someone is to find time to spend together.

For example, you might not be able to meet up often except between deployments. However, the times when you do get to be with one another are moments that you should cherish.

Let any other distractions or disagreements melt into the background because you can not get back the time that you have lost. Even if you are only chatting face to face online, make sure that it is spent appreciating one another.

Maintain Romance in your Relationship

While neither one of you may be ‘sappy’, there will be elements of your relationship that count as romance. It is important for you to maintain the level of romance throughout your relationship.

Sometimes, that is going to involve sending gifts to one another and making sure that you remember certain dates. Other times, you are going to think up ways to get creative due to the strictness of your lifestyle.

You need to determine what counts as romance in your relationship and instill it into every interaction. 

New York Army National Guard Sgt. 1st Class Theresa Barone-Lopez embraces her daughter Juliana at the Albany International Airport on Jan. 27, 2016. Barone-Lopez was among 50 Soldiers of the 42nd Infantry Division who deployed to Guantanamo Bay Naval Base in April 2015. They served as members of the headquarters element for Joint Task Force Guantanamo, and provided administrative support to the task force. Barone-Lopez lives in Amsterdam, N.Y. ( U.S. National Guard Photo by Master Sgt. Raymond Drumsta)

Do Something ‘Together’

You can not always be in the same room with your partner, but that does not mean you cannot spend time together. When you both have some time to spend with each other, you can always screen a television show or movie over the internet and have a makeshift dating experience.

It is going to be tough getting enough privacy to make it happen, but it is something that you will both look forward to doing. Try taking part in hobbies together, too. There are lots of video games that you can play with one another across borders these days.

Write Letters and Call Up

While it might seem old-fashioned, there is nothing better than receiving a letter in the mail from your romantic partner. Moreover, it will make you stand out during the mail call.

A letter to your partner, even if you just messaged each other the night before, will be an extra special form of communication that they will love. Of course, you can always call your partner when they are not expecting it, too.


Following the information that you can glean from this article, you can build a strong and fun relationship with someone that is in the military and maintain it continuously. Just make sure you use the tools available to you and make it happen!


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