How Much Money Has the Royal Navy Spent on EU Flags?

Between 23 June 2016 and February 2018 the Royal Navy has purchased seven European Union (EU) flags at a total cost of £241. The Royal Navy purchases EU flags through a contract managed by Defence Equipment and Support. Reference FOI 2018/02917 dated 28 February 2018. Advertisements


East Europeans & Fruit & Vegetable Intake

When the border between East and West Germany was opened in 1989, liberated easterners crossed over keenly searching for new fruits. For a time they were referred to as Bananenleute. A recent survey across Poland, the Czech Republic, and Russia shows that even now consumption of fresh fruit and vegetables tends to fall the further east… Read More

News: What Unemployment!

The unemployment rate in the Euro 17 countries (those with the Euro currency) reached an all-time high of 12% in February 2013. The wider European Union (all 27 countries) witnessed an unemployment rate of 10.9%. In both zones, rates have risen markedly compared with February 2012, when they were 10.9% and 10.2% respectively. Current unemployment rates by… Read More